With the first month of 2020 under our belts, we figured it was a good time to talk about our vision for the company this year. CEO Kimberly Citizen detailed her plans in-depth on last week’s episode of Citizen CEO. You can check that out here if you’d prefer to listen instead.

Setting the Intention

Each year for the past few years, Kimberly has chosen a word for the year that helps her make decisions and orient her goals, per the One Word That Will Change Your Life method by Jon Gordon. Last year, she chose the word “worthy.” As such, the year turned out to be one of self reflection and self discovery.

Throughout the course of her journey in 2019, she realized that when she aligned her actions  with intention to meet goals, she usually achieved her goals. That helped her choose the word for this year: intention.“This year, I’m going to be very intentional in all areas of my life, from how I choose to spend my free time to how I choose to show up at work to what I choose to fuel my body,” says Kimberly. 

Being the Bridge

Kimberly’s goal for 2020 is to “be the bridge,” in all areas of her life. She was inspired while watching the documentary “I Am” where she observed a mother monkey forming a bridge between two trees for her babies to climb across. By following the mother monkey’s example, Kimberly plans to be a bridge to all those she encounters this year. Her goal is to help those around her to move from where they are on their journey to where they would like to be on their journey..

For Applied Development, that means continuing growth. What many people don’t know is that Applied Development actually started out as an IT company, but Kimberly and Biffrey felt the universe starting to pull them down another path. This ultimately led them to helping others effectively communicate and redefined their mission of the organization as “empowering people of all abilities to share their brilliance

While this has been a worthy start for them, it isn’t the end goal.What they’re striving for now is to make an even bigger impact, internally and externally They plan to work with more non-profit organizations and create innovative non-profit/for profit partnerships that work to service communities supporting people with diverse abilities..

Additionally, Kimberly is leading the deployment of EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) across the entire company, which will refine the business model and optimize operations. 

Looking into 2020

Kimberly’s passion for what she does propels her forward to continue working hard in all aspects of her life. She’s excited to see what 2020 has in store and to continue living her life with intention. 

If you have any questions for Kimberly, Biffrey, or the rest of the Applied Development team, give us a call at 410.571.4016 or contact us here.