We spend the majority of our life’s years at work. It’s only fitting that the work environment is as comfortable and rewarding as possible. Diversity, equity, and inclusion in a workplace ensure that it is inclusive and conducive for its employees. DEI promotes equality and fairness. The human demographic contains a variety of characteristics such as gender, race, cognitive abilities, and religion.

What Is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?

Diversity in a workplace involves employing people from all demographics. Some groups are less represented in the human population, so organizations ought to make a conscious effort to include the less represented groups in the workplace.

On the other hand, equity involves allocating resources based on individual needs to allow all employees equal opportunities for the outcome. Equity is different from equality as it means allocating equal resources to everyone regardless of individual needs. 

Inclusion, on the other hand, is an outcome of equity and diversity. It involves embracing each individual’s unique personality and, in so doing, ensuring that employees feel comfortable and confident to be themselves.

5 DEI Questions to Ask Your Employees

The company has to make a conscious effort to make their workplaces as inclusive as possible. Employees are the heart of a company’s culture. Therefore, one of the best ways for organizations to find out whether they have a diverse and inclusive workplace is by asking their employees directly.

Below are 5 great DEI questions to ask your employees:

Do you feel like you can voice your opinions without being judged?

A great workplace should let each individual’s personality, outlook, and creativity thrive. They do not have to assume a different persona from their usual one when they get to work. These varied perspectives promote creativity. A company with a creative workforce is more likely to innovate and explore new markets quickly.

Do you feel included in the organization’s decision-making processes?

The best way to make employees engaged is by making them feel they have control over what goes on in the fields related to them.

By asking this question, you can unearth any biases in the workplace power dynamics. 

Are promotions awarded fairly in your team?

Everyone desires career growth. It’s essential to make your employees feel that you’re rewarding their efforts and that promotions come from merit instead of company politics and favoritism. 

Are problems handled fairly and impartially when they arise?

Problems are an inevitable dynamic in a workplace. It’s crucial to ensure that management handles issues fairly and that employees do not feel discriminated against.

Do you feel like there is something the company should do to improve its diversity efforts?

This should be left open-ended to allow employees to voice their opinions. While the rest of the questions might reveal that you need to improve on diversity, asking this question will let you know precisely how you can do that.

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