Applied Development has past experience with helping our clients take on the responsibilities associated with planning and executing events and meetings. Down to the last detail, Applied Development hires professionals that can deliver the best results that are on time and within budget.

When attending a company meeting or event, we often fail to think about the people who are in charge of planning and executing it. Many details go into planning an event or meeting, from creating documents and reports, to preparing presentations, creating and sending invites, supplying catering, and much more.

Applied Development was selected to perform on a contract for The Office of Diversity Management and Equal Opportunity (ODMEO) within the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). Specifically, we work with the Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP) and DoD WRP Electronic Mentoring Program.

Applied Development provides general analytical, technical, administrative, and marketing support to further the initiatives set forth by the ODMEO, including meeting and event support. Our main objective is to deliver annual preparation and operation of two WRP related activities: the summer recruitment and referral program, and a year-round electronic mentoring program.

To meet ODMEO’s meeting and event support requirements, Applied Development assists the DoD Director of Disability Programs in his roles as Co-Chair of the Government-wide WRP Steering Committee, Chair of the Workforce Recruitment Program DoD Coordinators Group, Project Manager for the Annual DoD Disability Awards Ceremony and Forum, and Project Manager for the Annual Workforce Recruitment Program Summer Awards Ceremony and Reception.

We maintain membership and attendance lists, make arrangements for meetings and special events, and prepare announcements, handouts, and notes. We prepare various types of documentation for WRP, including procedural manuals, meeting agendas, meeting notes, program handouts, briefing materials for presentations, action reports, weekly activity reports, annual program reports, and other written and marketing materials. These materials help facilitate meetings by enhancing the presentations with multimedia, audio, and visual aids.

We ensure that attendees can follow along throughout the presentations by providing a physical copy of the speaker’s points. Applied Development is responsible for planning and coordinating the WRP Summer Awards Ceremony and Reception, as well as other summer events for employed students in the Washington DC area.

Our team excels at coordinating interactions among group and committee members, students, and other participants on-site at meeting and event locations.

In addition, Applied Development provides high-quality strategic communications support services and specialized writing and editing services for two divisions supporting the Director of the Army National Guard (DARNG) and the Special Assistants. These services include meeting support, technical writing and editing, graphic design, social media support, strategic communications, website maintenance and content development, and journalistic services.

A lot of thought and attention to detail is required to deliver successful results when it comes to coordinating meetings or events. Applied Development is a company that has experience in this field, and can confidently help clients in the future with their projects.