Applied Development is dedicated to serving our government and federal agencies on contracts that range in various fields of expertise. Currently, Applied Development holds a contract with the United States Army to provide two Administrative Support assistants for the Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) in San Antonio, Texas. We are honored to provide some of the professionals responsible for operating the largest medical center in the Department of Defense.

Administrative support covers a wide variety of tasks including clerical duties, managing and distributing information within an organization, and providing support to executives on their day-to-day activities. Nearly every industry relies on administrative support because it helps operate and manage the everyday activities of an organization. Administrative assistants are responsible for several tasks that make the organization run smoothly and efficiently.

Our consultants at BAMC are responsible for providing senior members of the Command Group with key project management, risk management, communication management, and knowledge management support as well as providing actionable organizational intelligence.

Applied Development helps employ professionals or two positions; Staff Action Control Officer and Gift Coordinator. The Staff Action Control Officer manages the “staff actions” that constantly flow within, into, and out of the BAMC headquarters.

The Gift Coordinator manages the gifts that are given to recovering Warfighters and other employees at the organization. An intimate knowledge of legal policies and statutes that govern these actions is required. One must also have a sense of political and organizational awareness and sensitivity.

Applied Development continues to successfully meet the overarching contract goals of increasing BAMC’s responsiveness to external agencies and headquarters through effectively initiating project management and communication management practices.

We are proud to play a role in creating a positive environment and efficient workforce for one of the country’s most premier medical institutions.