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Applied Development at Work: Case Studies in Success

Applied Development specializes in finding the path to success. With an expert eye, Applied Development identifies business processes, marketing strategies, and communication modes that help private companies and government entities reach their full potential.

PROCESSES: Applied Development analyzes a challenge with a current system and then offers solutions that lead to measurable achievement.

  • The Office of Diversity Management and Equal Opportunity (ODMEO) faced a sizeable backlog of complaints. To address the dual needs of the ODMEO and the employees filing the complaints, office workflow was adjusted so that reducing the backlog became top priority. Team member duties were reassigned so that two team members could dedicate nearly four weeks to the backlog. One team member’s new teleworking agreement provided the ability to focus on complaints and other ODMEO deliverables without being diverted to other daily operation needs. The change also allowed another team member to set up a new method for receiving, organizing and properly routing hundreds of emails. Further, the client and Applied Development team members worked together to improve efficiency by documenting action approvals and ensuring the communication was shared with the appropriate components.The backlog has been reduced by 12 over the past three months. Draft documents for one complaint closure, one informal referral and four complaint dismissals were completed in just two weeks.These actions were the impetus for setting — and creating the ability to achieve – a new goal of a two- to three-day response time from receiving the complaint to initiating the referral process.
  • Applied Development’s headquarters implemented a new information technology system in under two months that unified four contracts across 10 states and involved nearly 100 interpreters. Thorough testing of the new system included developing hypothetical situations that were solved internally to familiarize the organization with the process from start to finish. User guides, contingency plans and personal customer services provided a smooth transition to the new system. This standardization streamlined communication to internal and external customers and made Applied Development’s staff and the customers they serve more efficient.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Applied Development creates customer satisfaction by going above and beyond for the customer — and the customer’s customers. Our solutions have far-reaching impact with a personal touch.

  • Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) submitted 17 requests for interpreters, whose services were needed during a compressed period that involved competing time slots and divergent start/end times. Reinforcement of business relationships with client and interpreters alike resulted in filling all requests within 36 hours of receipt. A cohesive schedule of services was presented to the client eight days before the event, resulting in customer satisfaction and positive feedback.
  • An agency-wide software update without advance notice to employees had particular impact on one employee who relies on Reader Software when an in-person reader is not available. With no knowledge of Windows 10, the employee was unable to navigate to the Reader Software and complete her daily duties. An Applied Development team member trained the employee through muscle memory on how to access applications and utilize resources to the fullest, achieving successful job performance.

STRATEGY AND COMMUNICATIONS: Applied Development ensures that your message is delivered the way you intend so that your goal is achieved.

  • The Department of Defense (DOD) tasked Applied Development to help accomplish its mission to attract, recruit, develop and retain skilled individuals with disabilities. In a four-month period, Applied Development team members delivered strategic guidance to the client, implemented quality assurances, sped up production of printed materials, and established a proactive communication system that staved off potential problems.ODMEO leadership accepted the process changes and outreach strategies, offering positive feedback on both the quality of the publications and the measurable success. Rebranding the ODMEO programs results in more DOD coordinators participating and a 55 percent increase in the number of interns hired for FY18. (435 interns as of 6/28/2018 compared to 280 in FY17).
  • The Army and Army Reserve National Guard (ARNG) sought to understand the public’s opinion of the military. Applied Development developed a vehicle to gain this insight: They created and maintained a Think Tank Calendar to brainstorm, generate initiatives and establish communication to accomplish common objectives. The Think Tank Calendar grew from one team, spread to other teams, and eventually reached the entire division. All Army and ARNG divisions were encouraged to use this concept, forging broader civilian involvement and military engagement with the American public.

Applied Development resolves short-term challenges that gets long-term results. Removing obstacles creates achievement. Our mission is your success.

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