We can all agree that inclusion is a significant factor in any workplace, especially in creating a harmonious workplace. Unfortunately, understanding inclusion is not as easy as you may think, as most companies assume that a diversified workplace directly translates to an inclusive one. Working with a certified diversability service provider is your best bet to making inclusion ‘real’ in your company and ultimately stand out from the rest of the pack.

Why a Company Culture that Promotes Inclusion Is Important

Inclusion is where all individuals’ ideas, thoughts, and perspectives matter, creating a sense of connection, belonging, and the community at work. Each employee’s ideas and skills develop a strategy that will be advantageous to both the employees and the company. 

Some of the reasons to incorporate an inclusive working environment include:

Employees actively look for inclusive cultures

With society championing the rights and inclusivity for all, more and more employees are actively seeking a company that promotes inclusion. With an inclusive culture, the company will likely attract and retain top talent.

There is potential in differences

Companies that advocate for diversity and inclusivity in leadership tend to have higher revenue streams. This is because the company provides the right enabling factors where various teams collaborate to fast-track problem solving and promote innovation.

Inclusive participation empowers employees

Inclusivity makes employees feel that their input to the company matters, thereby empowering them and boosting their morale. This encourages a stronger will to work and perform better, increasing their productivity.

An inclusive environment translates to growth

When employees feel a sense of inclusion and are motivated to work, the company usually has a huge turnover rate. Employees will therefore prefer to stay in a company and grow with it, thereby translating to an uptrend in profitability each quarter.

How to Build a Company Culture that Promotes Inclusion

Train your management and leaders on diversity and inclusivity

Providing training sessions to executives and leaders in the company is the first step in creating an inclusivity culture. The reason is they are the ones that provide the direction of the company and also set an example to their subordinates. They are also directly responsible for providing an inclusive environment in the workplace.

Make your company accessible to disabled employees

Creating a workspace that is favorable to even disabled individuals is the best way to promote inclusivity. This involves creating an office that is accessible to wheelchairs, providing technology that can assist employees that can’t hear, and also providing documents that visually impaired employees can use. The company could also outsource a diversity contractor that could aid in helping employees communicate through CART, sign language interpretation, and reader services.

Give recognition in public

Recognizing and acknowledging your employees’ efforts in public can go a long way in boosting their morale. This will encourage them to be even more productive and participate more in problem-solving forums.

Integrate inclusivity into your core values

The company should tailor core values to embody inclusivity and make it a habit to revisit them periodically.

Let Applied Development LLC Help You Build a Company Culture that Promotes Inclusivity

As licensed diversability service providers, Applied Development LLC champion for the rights of persons with all capacities to work and communicate effectively. Our offerings include anything from outreach and advocacy to sign language interpreting.

To receive assistance with ideas for enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in your organization, contact us or call us at 410 571 4016.