People care about working for companies that are focused on creating a positive corporate culture now more than ever before. In fact, a Columbia University study showed that job turnover is 48.4% more likely when people are working somewhere that they perceive as negative.

A company’s culture ultimately tells prospective employees how management will treat them, what they can expect on a day-to-day basis, and whether the job is a good fit. If you are in the process of creating a positive corporate culture, the tips below can help you evaluate what you already have and begin to make affirmative changes.

1. Encourage Employee Feedback and Act on It

Many companies prefer to make decisions at the top without consulting other employees. While this makes sense in some cases (setting budget, etc.), any time that employees will be impacted and can have a say in the outcome, you should seek out their feedback.

You may be surprised by the responses you get or employees’ preferences. For company-wide questionnaires, consider making the feedback anonymous so people are more comfortable sharing and being honest.

Remember, though, that just gathering feedback is not the end goal. You need to act on that feedback when it makes sense and be sure that your employees know that you value their honest responses. Follow through is critical for creating a positive corporate culture.

2. Offer Physical and Mental Health Initiatives

There is a definite correlation between healthy employees and happy employees. Basic psychology shows that when people’s physical and emotional needs are met, they are able to better focus on other things, like fulfillment in work.

Companies are beginning to offer more physical and mental health initiatives, especially as COVID-19 sheds light on the importance of both. There are a few ways you can help your employees improve their health:

  • Partner with a company that offers corporate wellness
  • Provide discounts to local gyms with a mix of virtual and onsite classes
  • Work with your HR team or company to provide access to a hotline for mental health, physical health, and financial wellness

Work with your team to learn more about what they prefer and follow through on the offering.

3. Create a Diversity and Inclusion Plan

Prospective employees are looking for diversity in the workplace. People with diversabilities (diverse abilities), of all different races, genders, and cultures want to know that their perspectives will be heard and respected. They also want to know that they will be treated fairly and have an equal shot at positions that they deserve.

By creating a diversity and inclusion plan and working to avoid hiring bias, you can begin creating a positive corporate culture that allows people to feel both comfortable and empowered. Need some tips on implementing a diversity and inclusion plan? Check out our recent post here.

4. Help Your People Grow

Providing assistance with goal setting and meeting those goals is a great way to improve your company culture. Most people want to improve their work and offer more to a company that gives back to them.

Offering training opportunities or free access to online classes is a good place to start. These classes can provide benefits both to your business and to your team members. They can enjoy personal growth at their own pace while using newfound skillsets to improve their work.

Additionally, setting regular meetings with management (monthly or quarterly) to create achievable goals and have a conversation about how things are going gives employees a sense of purpose within the company.

Applied Development Can Help Your Business Create a Positive Corporate Culture

Creating a positive corporate culture from scratch can be challenging, especially without an outside perspective. At Applied Development, we can bring in years of experience and a different point of view to help you build initiatives that will improve your company.

To learn more or set up a consultation, give us a call today at 410.571.4016 or contact us online.