Applied Development says farewell to one of our interns, Samiara Mitchell, whose last day is Friday, August 25. We were matched with Samiara by the Hire One Youth Program, which is sponsored by Baltimore City’s Mayor, Catherine Pugh. We selected Samiara from a pool of qualified applicants to complete a summer internship with Applied Development, where she was had the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and experience while working in a professional setting.

Samiara’s internship was originally scheduled to end at the beginning of August, but we were so pleased with her work that we offered her an extension, which she gladly accepted. As Applied Development’s Graphic Design intern, Samiara was responsible for developing the overall design and layout of our company’s corporate reports, logos, and other documentation. Samiara’s work ranged from altering the color scheme of a document to completely redesigning the layout and format. One of Samiara’s favorite projects was working on the redesign of our business cards to give them a more updated and aesthetically appealing look.

Reflecting back on her internship, Samiara described some of the professional skills that she gained from her time at Applied Development. “I have been able to strengthen my file management skills as well as refine my skills with the software I use. I have gained insight on how to balance using creativity and originality while also using simplicity when it comes to redesigning or completely creating something brand new.” Continuing her internship meant Samiara had to learn to balance work with her personal life and other responsibilities, including running her own business that she and her partner created. Despite the challenges of a busy schedule, Samiara chose to continue her internship because of the benefits she gains from working with Applied Development. “Going forward, working with Applied Development made me more comfortable with finding solutions to challenges that come my way. I am excited to use the experience I gained being a graphic designer in the corporate world.”

Applied Development is delighted to have had the opportunity to work with Samiara this summer, and we thank her for all her contributions. We hope to have provided her with learning experiences and professional skills that will prove useful to her in all her future endeavors. Thank you, Samiara!