Hiring is a challenge for many organizations right now. With the Great Resignation happening, along with employees demanding more extensive benefits, private businesses and government entities alike are struggling to keep staffing levels up.


Hiring for Diversity

One trait that many candidates are searching for today is diversity in the workplace. Though scholars have been documenting the importance of diversity for decades, the equal rights movements of the last few years have brought it to the forefront of the younger generations’ minds.


Hiring for diversity in a government agency is critical for other reasons, as well.


Why Hiring for Diversity is Important

Let’s start off with some figures on diversity in the workplace:


  • The unemployment rate for people with disabilities increased to 7.9% in 2020.
  • The overall unemployment rate last year was 3.1%. The Black and Hispanic communities were at 6.1% and 4.3%, respectively.
  • 42% of women have reported experiencing gender discrimination in the workplace.
  • Diverse companies make 2.3 times as much money per employee as non-diverse organizations.


As the above statistics show, not only does diversity improve the lives of women and minorities, but it can also improve your organization’s productivity and profitability. 

Tips for Building a Diverse Workforce in Your Government Agency

Hiring for diversity may feel challenging at first, especially if your organization does not already have a diverse employee base. It is important for executives to work with the human resources (HR) department to develop a plan of attack for hiring.


There are a few good places to start as you begin building a diverse workforce for your government agency:


  • Create a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policy that includes diversity targets. Setting goals gives your HR team a jumping-off point so that they know the expectations.
  • Add a referral program for your employees. Your existing employees know the expectations of the company and may have worked with people in the past who will fit the culture and values while expanding on diversity.
  • Allow people to work remotely if the position allows for it. For some individuals with disabilities, commuting is not just a hassle, it is almost impossible. Working from home allows them to apply for jobs they may otherwise pass over. Additionally, you may find qualified candidates outside of your normal search zone.
  • Work with local universities to build an internship program. Professors can recommend people for positions. Often, the best interns can also transition into full-time employment as they finish up their education.
  • Make your hiring process inclusive. The language that you use in your job postings should be simple and straightforward. You also want to ensure that your HR team is eliminating as much inherent bias as possible when reviewing resumes and conducting interviews.

Get Help Hiring for Diversity

If hiring for diversity in your government agency is on your to-do list for 2022, Applied Development can help. We have extensive experience working with organizations of all sizes to create diversity plans. Our team will work closely with your HR department and executives to see where any weak points are and develop a strategy to improve your hiring process.


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