Applied Development is a veteran-owned business – and proud to be one. CEO Kimberly Citizen spent years in the service with the United States Army. While she was there, she learned valuable leadership skills and received numerous awards and citations. Now, as a result of her service, she’s better able to serve her employees, clients, and community.

Being a Leader in a Veteran-owned Business

Spending time in the military helps instill a number of important leadership qualities. These qualities often transfer well into the business world. Some of the most important and useful in this sphere include:

  • Dependability – Just as soldiers must depend on their leaders to ensure their safety, employees must be able to depend on leadership to take care of them and create a productive working environment. 
  • Decision making – Quick decision-making under pressure is a hallmark of military service. Many occupations also require this kind of clear-minded quick thinking. 
  • Adaptability – Business owners must be quick to adapt to market conditions, changes in staffing, and volatility both internally and externally. This skill is one that the military teaches starting from boot camp. 

These are skills that soldiers practice, both through drills and through their day-to-day jobs within the Army. Each of these abilities enable veteran business owners to provide a strong foundation for employees. 

In addition to being able to lead well, military service teaches individuals how to be team players and how to take direction. While these may not always seem like the most important leadership skills, they can be invaluable in creating an inclusive company culture. 

Providing Reliability

When clients go to a veteran-owned business for a service, they know that they’re going to get that service delivered both well and on time. All branches of the military are known for helping hone qualities that make veterans more reliable.

Punctuality and organization are both expected in all branches of the military. From the time that soldiers first enter the military, they’re expected to keep their living spaces and clothing nearly immaculate and to show up perfectly on time to all duties and training.

Receiving this type of training makes veterans incredibly reliable. They’re able to carry over these skills into delivering excellent client work with a quick turnaround.

Giving Back to the Community

Community is crucial to the military. Individuals who have served often call each other brothers and sisters in arms and know the importance of taking care of each other. Many veterans take that value back with them into civilian life. 

Kimberly Citizen is a shining example of this. Not only does she give back in ways that are meaningful to her – providing mentorships, supporting other woman-owned businesses, taking time out for veterans – she also encourages her employees to do the same. This creates a domino effect that positively affects those near any veteran-owned business.

Improving Communication for All

Clear and active communication are both critical to military operations – and play a huge role in the Applied Development mission. Kimberly’s military experience is uniquely suited to the work she does for Applied Development, including working closely with government agencies.

Spending time learning to communicate with many different people from all walks of life in the military has given Kimberly rare insight into enabling others to do the same. 

Veteran-owned businesses offer something special to employees, clients, and the community alike. We’re proud to have Kimberly Citizen at the helm to provide superb leadership and communication skills to everyone within the company. To learn more about Kimberly or our services, drop us a line. You can also call us at 410.571.4016.