How Full-Time 508 Compliance Services Can Help Your Government Agency

Sections 508 Disability Compliance requires that Federal agencies provide equal access to electronic and information technology and offer reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities. 

A report by the World Bank shows that around one billion people globally live with a disability, and this data makes up the world’s largest minority. Having full-time 508 compliance services for your government agency will not only benefit the people with disabilities but also deliver a better user experience for all stakeholders. 

While you can have your in-house team update all your technology and make it accessible, having a third party to provide full-time 508 compliance services is the most effective option. Applied Development works with government agencies to ensure 504/508 compliance, policy, and complaint resolution.

How Can Full-Time Compliance Services Help Your Government Agency?

Improving the accessibility of websites, software, and electronic technology has several advantages for people with disabilities, consumers, and organizations. Some of the benefits of full-time compliance services to your government agency include:

Improved User Outreach and Experience

Your consumer outreach increases when you make all your agency’s digital assets 508 compliant. This helps to target and engage people with disabilities. The subtitles, zoom-in capability, color variations, and other accessibility enhancements improve the overall user experience for your website.

Avoid Legal Issues

Section 508 compliance is the law for government agencies and contractors. Your agency may face legal consequences if you do not comply with section 508. Having full-time 508 compliance services helps you to avoid any such legal problems.

Win Contracts with Other Government-Aided Agencies

All the government-aided agencies must comply with section 508. This is why most government organizations prefer to do business with 508 compliant websites. Therefore, if your agency is looking into partnering with any such organization in the future, making your website accessible will help to target and impress them.

Increase Organic Search Results

Search engines will easily find and rank accessible pages. 508 compliance for websites increases consumer outreach which helps to increase organic traffic. This also improves communication and brand identity.

Applied Development Offers Full-Time 508 Compliance Services

If your agency requires full-time 508 compliance services, Applied Development can help. Whether you are looking into 508 compliance because you want to improve your user experience or you have a legal obligation to comply, our team of experienced accessibility experts have a wealth of experience and knowledge that can greatly benefit your agency. We also offer direct compliance services, including Sign Language Interpretation, CART Transcription, and Reader Services.

When you work with us, we make sure your technology is accessible for people with a wide range of disabilities, including physical, developmental, and intellectual disabilities. We check the 508 compliance for all your online communication materials and other digital assets to ensure that every aspect of your agency website is 508 compliant.

We are a trusted accessibility partner delivering cost-effective, high-quality full-time 508 compliance services to organizations, education, government agencies, and private businesses in 13 states and Washington, D.C. 

Call us at 410.571.4016 or contact us online to learn how we can help your government agency. Our team of experts will be ready to answer any questions you may have.