Photograph of a light-skinned African American woman writing in pink marker on a white board.Most companies and investors know that businesses do better with a plan. Businesses also do better with a plan includes that includes more than just the basics on the bottom line. At Applied Development, our goal is to champion the rights of all people to share their brilliance. As part of that mission, we believe that businesses and employees should be able to communicate their messaging. Here are three ways strategic communications can grow a business. 

Strategic communications can link everything you do. 

Essentially, strategic communications means linking your branding, messaging, and even advertising with a company’s overall plan. As Adrian Dearnell writes in Forbes, “It’s hard to find your way to a destination without a road map of some sort—a document that tells you where you’re starting from, where you want to end up, and the best way to get there.” In business, that map is a business plan.

Most business owners, CEOs, and nonprofit managers know that a clear strategic plan is the best way to ensure measurable success for a company or organization. However, linking specific goals, messaging, branding, and awareness to that master plan is also critical.

Communications are an integral part of any business, and so the strategic communications offer an opportunity to make sure the business plan is cohesive. At Applied Development, we offer strategic consulting and planning for communications, and then we help our clients execute that plan. 

A plan allows you to be consistent and coordinated. 

Creating a strategic communications plan also ensures that messaging is clear and comprehensive. With large departments, agencies, or companies, every employee may not see the mission, vision, and messaging the same. A plan and effective implementation of that plan allows for consistency in messaging across all platforms. For the Army National Guard Strategic Communications division, Applied Development provides a variety of communications services.

We provide technical writing and editing, developing web content, graphic design and support, social media support, media management, and journalism services. In addition, we make sure that these all fit the department’s overall strategic communication goal and plan. Having this management plan is a key to success. They praise our ability to manage programs, personnel, and risk. 

Strategic communication makes you more visible. 

Although effectively communicating a message is one part of strategic communications, the other part is making sure that people see those messages. Therefore, one part of creating a strategic communications plan should be recognizing the audience of those messages.

Once the audience becomes part of the plan, a company can change or adjust messaging to fit that audience. This helps the communications become more visible because it’s reaching the right eyes. 

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