Applied Development prides itself in giving back to the community any way it can and encourages employees to place a focus on supporting the causes that they believe in. Founder Kimberly Citizen is no exception to this rule. In fact, she’s leading the way by giving back to other female entrepreneurs through her new podcast, Citizen CEO.

This podcast places a focus first on the business of working with the government, both inside and out.

However, it also focuses strongly on featuring women in business. From experts in technology, business development, cyber security, and everything in between, Kimberly wants to help bring insights, information, and inspiration from successful women to other female entrepreneurs.

Kimberly’s Vision for Citizen CEO

Women business owners and small business owners have a unique perspective, especially when it comes to working through the ins and outs of government-based agencies.

This podcast will inspire rich conversations about growth, both entrepreneurial and personal, since Kimberly believes that the two can’t truly be separated. In order to achieve authentic growth, individuals have to take into account all of their different tiles and responsibilities holistically.

Each of the experts featured on Citizen CEO will bring the story of their growth in their specific niche. They’ll also talk through their struggles and successes along the way.

Below is a preview of some of the successful female entrepreneurs you can expect to hear from on Citizen CEO:

  • Co-Founder and co-CEO of Established, Jen Consalvo
  • GovCon expert, Gloria Larkin
  • Pink Dog Digital founder and CEO, Gina Ramsey

Each of these women has created a name for themselves and believe in helping to support other women-owned businesses.

They’ll provide advice for others looking to begin the journey of entrepreneurship and insight into what it takes to be successful in their various industries. They’ll also discuss how they work to integrate their personal and professional achievements to achieve holistic growth.

Plus, you’ll hear directly from them on what it’s like to work inside and outside of government agencies in a wide range of capacities.

Hear What Kimberly Has to Say

Along with interviewing other entrepreneurs, Kimberly will share some of her most important discoveries on her way to founding Applied Development as well as what she’s learned since.

In the first episode of Citizen CEO, she discusses what her future holds in the women-owned business space and why it’s so important to her.

“Mentorships for others has been such an integral part of our success that it’s become incredibly important for me to do that. [I want] to help [these companies] understand how to build, how to measure, how to turn, when to pivot, how to chart their own course.”

This podcast is a crucial step in this journey for her and she’s looking forward to sharing it with other aspiring entrepreneurs.

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