Everyone worldwide is doing their best to weather the COVID-19 storm. People are sheltering-in-place to keep others safe and are attempting to live somewhat normal lives while working and conducting business from home. Though this is undoubtedly the best method for keeping millions of people safe, there are repercussions — especially for the Diversability (diverse ability) community.

Being physically separated from work sometimes means less accessibility. One solution for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing employees is Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) for American Sign Language.

How Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) Works

VRI is user friendly: Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing individuals connect to a video platform of their choice and an interpreter, using the same platform but at a different location, appears on a screen. Organizations often use VRI as a communication tool when Deaf and hearing people are working together in the same room and no on-site interpreter is available. Through VRI, the interpreter can facilitate the conversation as if all parties were in the same location.

VRI generally does not require external or sophisticated software, and most people can run it easily on their own devices. One needs only a laptop or desktop computer, internet access and a webcam to connect.

VRI Helping Your Organization

VRI allows you to better connect with your employees who are working remotely. It is one of the easier, more affordable, and accessible ways to provide inclusive services to your Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing employees.

As we all adjust to changes brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, VRI is being used more broadly in a wider variety of settings. Interpreters can join via Skype, Zoom and Google Hangouts, among other platforms, to bring true accessibility to those working from home computers.

Getting Started with VRI

For most companies and organizations, there is little technical set-up required to benefit from VRI services. If you choose Applied Development for your VRI needs, we can help put a solution in place quickly. We are still operating as normally as possible through the COVID-19 pandemic and are happy to discuss your needs.

If you have questions about how VRI can help your organization or how to get set up, please reach out to Applied Development at (410) 571-4016 or contact us on the website.