Technical writing is still a highly sought-after ability in the industry, with demand anticipated to increase by 10% between 2014 and 2024. Therefore, getting the right fit for your business is crucial to addressing your customer’s needs through adequate technical documentation, all while communicating your company’s brand and message. Here are some of the factors to look for when you hire technical writers:


Selecting a technical writer with experience in your industry can help them provide tailor-made content for your company. Looking at their samples and previous work can help you judge whether their tone and writing style will fit your company. Your ideal technical writer should be enthusiastic about your industry, knowledgeable about your field, and have experience working on projects similar to yours. 


Not all technical writers have a voice or writing style that aligns with the goals of your business. However, a skilled technical writer should be quick to adjust and become familiar with your unique requirements. It would help if you are looking for a technical writer who understands the newest technology and is adaptable enough to acquire new methods of delivering technical knowledge to your target audience. 


This is the most crucial trait to look for when hiring a technical writer. Your ideal writer should be knowledgeable on topics associated with your particular expertise to offer reliable information. Industry-specific knowledge makes it simpler for your audience to comprehend and communicate your tech-related information.

Creativity, Problem-solving, and Logical skills

To create timeless and unique content for your company that stands out from the competition, a technical writer needs to be innovative. The writer should be able to take complicated information and, using their creativity, turn it into a clear and compelling set of instructions. Creativity also goes hand in hand with possessing, to a certain degree, problem-solving abilities and logical skills. Therefore, having a technical writer who can create logical information flows, such as algorithms, detailed instructions, and understandable data reports, is a plus for your organization.

Language Proficiency

In technical writing, grammar is essential for readability, credibility, clarity, and communication. As a result, you require a writer who can put words together in a clear, precise, and readable manner. Otherwise, your readers will struggle to wade through work with spelling and grammar mistakes.

Communication Skills and Attention to Detail

A technical writer should be able to summarize complex information in plain language and be capable of interpreting both written and verbal communication. Additionally, they must have the ability to comprehend complex textual information, extract the most essential data or insights from lengthy documents, and do so while recognizing minor errors and disclosing anomalies.

Reasons to Hire a Technical Writer 

Clearer and More Concise Message

Technical documentation produced by specific departments might frequently contain specialized language or, in some, may not attain the amount of depth required. To create a document that balances content and clarity, hiring a technical writer is the best option.

Targeted Language

Technical writing should explain to the reader how the product’s characteristics and advantages connect to their needs. Working with technical writers enables you to ensure that every piece of documentation you produce is for the target audience.

100% Focus and Reduced Cost

Technical employees usually get high salaries. It would be wise not to divert their attention but to let them do what they are proficient at. Hiring a technical writer will allow them to focus on a specific task and get paid for the work done. This not only reduces the running cost but it also allows you to focus on other key business areas while experts take care of your technical writing.

Applied Development Offers Technical Writing Services

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