CART services

Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART)

Applied Development offers CART Transcription services for Deaf or Hard of Hearing employees where they may need transcription services in place of an ASL interpreter. Also known as “real-time transcription,” the service translates spoken English into text for Deaf or Hard of Hearing employees. Our experienced team member transcribes text on an individual employee’s computer monitor, a screen during a video presentation, or other transmission and display systems. The transcribers can provide equipment during the assignment, including a stenotype machine, laptop, real time software, and a link to a Secure Text Media Streaming website for remote assignments.

Just like with our interpreter services, our Diversability Program Manager ensures that the transcriber has the technical expertise for the client’s needs. Our database of vetted and qualified transcribers and our “Best Match” approach allow us to quickly and efficient find the CART professional that best suits the job, the employee, and the client. We maintain an active database of qualified transcribers in the Washington, D.C. metro area and Maryland.

Applied Development has provided CART services to the Department of Defense (DoD) Office of Diversity Management and Equal Opportunity (ODMEO) and Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). We often provide CART services on as ad-needed basis in addition to ASL interpretation services.

Our transcribers work within the Federal government, adhere to the government’s rules of protocol, ethics, procedures and professionalism while on assignment, and keep information strictly confidential while on assignment. Our CART Transcribers certifications include the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) Certified CART Provider (CCP), Certified Real-time Reporter (CRR), and Certified Broadcast Captioner (CBC).

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