Private businesses are not the only ones that can benefit from a strong social media strategy; federal agencies and government contractors should also have a social media presence. Some agencies tend to shy away from it for fear of sharing too much information or dealing with backlash. 

However, when a strategy is properly executed and all stakeholders are educated on how to use social media, it can be an advantageous tool. 

Quickly Share Information During a Crisis

One of the top reasons federal agencies need social media is to be able to quickly disseminate information to a large audience. With nearly 4 billion people around the world on at least one social media platform, you have the ability to reach people quickly.

In the time of a crisis, getting information out can be critical. This has become increasingly obvious over the past year as agencies have worked to give people important information about the pandemic. How to access the COVID-19 vaccine and get information about staying healthy are two of the most recent examples.

Additionally, most social media sites give you the ability to verify your profile as the official account for the agency. If there are others out there that are impersonating your agency, savvy social media users will be able to point to your profile as authentic and with the most up-to-date news.

Humanize the Organization

Often, when people think about government agencies, they think of big concrete buildings where people shuffle paperwork. Those who have worked for government agencies know that there is a lot more to it than that.

There are real people with lives and families that genuinely care about what they are doing – and just like any other job, there is a company culture. Sharing what the culture is like and how employees celebrate it can really help put a face to the agency.

Build Public Trust and Engagement

People want as much transparency and authenticity as possible from their government. Seeing what your organization is doing and how it handles certain issues can begin to build trust within the community. It gives you an opportunity to speak directly to your audience, providing them important information. 

In addition, social media provides a place for your audience to engage with you publicly, helping to resolve issues or clear up any confusion. Going live on a page or conducting a question and answer session can result in increased faith and a happier public.

Educate Your Audience

Education is the cornerstone of social media – not always in the traditional sense but in one way or another, brands consistently use social media to educate their audience on products or services. With the amount of data that government agencies have access to, there is no end to what you can share.

Creating infographics, developing whitepapers, and sharing presentations are all fantastic ways to communicate on social media. This factor also ties in closely with building brand trust. Being transparent with numbers and information gives your audience important insight that may help put them at ease or appreciate the transparency.

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