By 2020, nearly half of our workforce will be comprised of Millennials. The growing population of a younger generation flooding the workforce leaves us with one question: Will these new workers be ready and prepared to take on the jobs available for them? The Hire One Youth program offers solutions for youth employment opportunities. 

Applied Development is very passionate about preparing our youth for the future. We are always looking for ways to give back to our community. As a small business, we feel that it is part of our social responsibility to recognize some of the problems our community faces and play an active role in the solutions to these issues. That is why we are proud and excited to partner with the Hire One Youth program, created by Mayor Catherine Pugh and other Baltimore City officials, to help young adults gain the experience they need to succeed in their future jobs and careers.

This week, Applied Development has brought on a new employee from the Hire One Youth program, which encourages private-sector employers in Baltimore City to interview and hire at least one 16 to 21-year-old for a summer or year-round position. Individuals must be committed to take on this new learning experience and get a head start to gaining practical knowledge about what it takes to be part of today’s workforce. In addition, it is a great networking opportunity for the participants to form relationships with companies that could potentially lead to more jobs or internships in the future.

City Council President, Bernard “Jack” Young, assembled a 34-member team back in February that was responsible for laying the groundwork for sending money to organizations that work with Baltimore’s youth as part of the youth hiring initiative. He expressed his excitement for the funding of the program by telling the Baltimore Sun, “It’s going to have a major impact.”1

The Applied Development team is eager to provide new learning opportunities and prepare our youth for the bright future that awaits them. Upon learning of the Hire One Youth program, Applied Development’s CEO, Kimberly Citizen, viewed this as a great strategy to not only expand our company’s workforce but to give back to our community. “Applied Development continues to seek opportunities to invest in the great city of Baltimore. Empowering our youth with the experience and skills necessary to compete in the workforce is of utmost importance to the future of our city.

Applied Development looks forward to continuing to support the program for years to come.” We are excited to welcome our newest member of the Applied Development team and make this summer one to remember!