ASL interpretation

Within the last few months, three different government agencies awarded Applied Development four contracts to provide American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation. We champion the right of people of all abilities to work and communicate effectively, and providing Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing employees the resources they need to communicate with others is a large part of that mission. We will be providing ASL interpretation for two new Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) facilities, one Army base, the Defense Finance & Accounting Service, and the Defense Contract Management Agency across 17 locations in the country. Read more about these new projects and Applied Development’s unique method for providing our clients excellent ASL interpretation.

Applied Development commits to making sure that people of all abilities can communicate effectively. We specialize in providing ASL interpreters at a variety of workplaces and institutions. Two contracts Applied Development are for work in VA facilities, one in West Virginia and the other in San Diego. We have already worked in a variety of VA hospitals and offices across the country, and are pleased to expand our resources. At VA offices, we provide interpretation for employees during meetings, performance reviews, discussions, or at any other time that the employee may need assistance. At VA health centers, we provide interpretation for patients, family members, and employees. We now work in 23 states providing ASL interpretation for the VA. As a veteran-owned company, we take pride in being able to assist other veterans.

We are also expanding our work with a contract for the United States Army in Kentucky. Similar to what we provide in VA offices, our interpreter will be able to provide secure and confidential information to the employee that is Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing.  

Our Blanket Purchase Agreement for ASL services for the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) spans 17 locations across the U.S. The DCMA ensures the integrity of the contracting process for the U.S. Department of Defense. Their oversight makes sure that the military receives the best equipment, support, supplies, and services. Our selection to provide ASL services for this agency is an honor. While the agency guarantees the military the best services, we provide the best sign language interpretation to the employees who need it.

In all of our ASL contracts, we provide a “Best Match” approach to ensure that our clients needs are met. In the past four years, Applied Development has had a 99% fill rate as a result of this method. Our contacts span the country, and so do our interpreters. We currently have 144 nationally certified interpreters who provide services for our clients. Our dedicated Diversability Team does not simply match interpreters to clients, but takes into consideration expertise, specialized certifications, and technical requirements. This approach allows us to find an interpreter that truly matches the needs of our clients. In all of our contracts, we know that having an interpreter is good, but having the best interpreter possible is what accessibility really means.