Many companies have started diversity and inclusion marketing campaigns. While this can be a great marketing strategy, it doesn’t hold up unless the company also embodies the message. It’s not enough today to just say that your company is inclusive – it actually has to be inclusive. Both employees and consumers need to be able to see an alignment in your public image and how your company handles itself on a day-to-day basis.

Create a Culture of Inclusivity

Many people will tell you that your employees are your best marketers. In many cases, this is true. It’s especially prevalent when it comes to company culture. If someone asks your employees about their jobs, you want to ensure that they’re telling people about a culture that they believe in. 

In order for this to work, management needs to be aligned with company goals and culture. Discussing culture regularly and having a company culture policy can help with this. The best way to make your company culture work is to demonstrate it from the top down. When management knows what they’re able to do to accommodate team members with different abilities and different backgrounds, it resonates through the ranks.

Moreover, when you commit to a culture of diversity and inclusion, you attract a diverse applicant pool. In turn, you have more diverse employees who feed your culture. It’s a loop that strengthens your company and helps keep you true to your mission.

Test the Diversity and Inclusion Marketing on Your Employees

When it comes to marketing, most companies only consider testing marketing on their consumers.

However, it’s equally as important to include your employees if you want to ensure that your marketing aligns with your culture and company values. The best way to sense a disconnect is to see how your employees react to your marketing efforts. They’ll be able to spot a false claim from a mile away. Not only will this give you important insights into your marketing efforts, it’ll show any holes you may have in diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Tell Real Stories

Whether the stories are from your clients, consumers, or employees, real stories resonate with people. Additionally, using real stories in your marketing shows your consumer base that you practice what you preach. When you’re crafting a story around your brand, it’s crucial for it to reflect truth. 

Tell YOUR Story

Crafting your marketing around what you want your company to represent is important for continuing success. In order to properly tell your story, though, you need to make sure all aspects of your company are aligned.

This is where strategic communications come in. At Applied Development, we offer strategic communications services that help our clients to communicate effectively, both to employees and to their consumer base. To make this work, we work to align everything, from graphic design to technical writing. 

We don’t believe in a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all strategy – because that isn’t reality and it’s not inclusive. That’s why we create individualized campaigns that work for our clients’ specific needs. When it comes to communicating and diversity and inclusion marketing, there’s no room for error or missteps. 

If you’re looking to align your communication strategy, we can help. Contact Applied Development today at 410.571.4016.