Many businesses have never heard of CART (communication access real-time translation) Services, let alone used them. However, small businesses in particular can greatly benefit from using CART services, especially at events and during onboarding trainings. Below are some important thing to know if your small business has never worked with a CART Services provider before.

How do CART Services Work?

CART Services work in one of two ways:

  1. Talk to text
  2. Live interpreter with a stenograph

The more reliable of the two is a live interpreter. They can either work remotely with a sound feed from the event/training or they can work onsite. Using a stenograph, they translate directly to another device.

This translation allows individuals who are hard of hearing or Deaf to participate in the training or event in real time.

How Can a CART Services Provider Benefit Your Small Business?

As a small business owner, anything you can do to improve your business practices and earn a better reputation is incredibly beneficial. CART Services can help you in unexpected ways.

Provide Transcripts of Trainings for Future Use

When you provide trainings for your team members or bring in a third party to do so, you want to be able to pass that information on to future employees as well. One of the best ways to do this is by working with a CART Services provider.

They will ensure that you have an accurate transcript that you can build around for in-house training. Transcripts are also useful in case anyone who attended the training missed an important part or had a hard time understanding the speaker.

Increase Accessibility for all Employees

Whether an employee is hard of hearing, Deaf, or learns better by reading, providing CART Services as well as an audio transcript improves accessibility for all. When employees feel supported by their managers and the company itself, it results in higher job satisfaction and retention.

Build a Reputation as Diversability (Diverse Ability) Friendly

Reputation is so important today. As more companies work towards being diverse and offering accessibility, more people are expecting that of both small and large businesses. Additionally, being diversability friendly puts you in a better space for eventually being able to become a government contractor.

The more talent with diversabilities that work for you, the more likely you are to secure a government contract.

Alternative to Sign Language Interpreter

Some people who are Deaf or hard of hearing do not know sign language. CART Services are an excellent alternative to working with an ASL (American Sign Language) interpreter. Additionally, CART Services are often more affordable, making it easier for small businesses to incorporate CART Services into their offerings.

Contact Applied Development for Help Finding a CART Services Provider

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