Federal agencies and organizations need professionals to lead and govern Section 508 programs. This improves compliance, shows the importance of accessibility, and lessens legal penalties. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act serves as a key milestone for accessibility by defining the scope of responsibilities for accessibility in the U.S. Federal Government. 

The success of a company’s 508 program depends on the contribution of several key players, one of them being a compliance coordinator. While you can take charge of your technology and make it accessible, having a 508-compliance professional to lead your 508 programs is the most effective option. Applied Development works with government agencies and private organizations to ensure 508 compliance and accessibility to all disabled people.

What Is Section 508 Compliance?

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act is a federal requirement for websites and other communication technologies to be accessible for people with disabilities, irrespective of whether or not these people work for the federal government. It helps to give guidelines to organizations and government agencies that want and need to be accessible. This section aims to eradicate blocks in technology, provide new opportunities for disabled people, and inspire creation of technologies that will help realize these goals.

What Is a Section 508 Compliance Coordinator?

Becoming 508 compliant is not a completely obvious thing in some cases. Understanding what to look for in creating/updating a website that is 508 compliant and the tools you can use to identify items that aren’t 508 compliant can be challenging. That is why you need a section 508 compliance coordinator.

The compliance coordinator job requires thorough knowledge of information technology, business and procurement processes, understanding of the needs of individuals with disabilities, and a knowledge of the laws, standards and policies that govern accessibility of IT in the federal government.

A section 508 compliance coordinator is responsible for helping the federal organizations implement their 508 goals, which may include finding new ways to deliver accessible technology that is 508 compliant. The coordinator ensures that digital services and technology solutions are accessible and usable for people with disabilities. 

Some of the key roles and responsibilities of a section 508 compliance coordinator include:

  • Ensuring effective Section 508 implementation within the organization
  • Reporting and coordinating section 508 related projects
  • Evaluating and recommending accessibility policies and procedures on electronic and information technology
  • Ensure operational and technological changes that meet Section 508 requirements for accessibility by employees and members of the public with disabilities 
  • Educating members about access issues
  • Develop and implement a complaint resolution procedure 
  • Coordinate outreach and training

Let Applied Development LLC Help Your Agency with 508 Compliance Services

Are you looking for a section 508 compliance coordinator, or you want your agency to be 508 complaint and you do not know how to go about it? Don’t worry! Applied Development LLC can help. Advocating for those with diverse abilities is our main agenda. We work with clients to ensure 508 compliance, policy, and complaint resolution. Our 508 Disability Compliance work ensures that federal works receive the accommodations they deserve.

We offer direct compliance services, including sign language interpretation, CART Transcription, and reader services. Through our diversability services, we make corporate, education, and government clients ideal employers for people with disabilities. 

Call us at 410.571.4016 or contact us online to learn how we can help your organization with 508 compliance services. Our 508 compliance coordinators will be ready to answer all your questions.